If You Ask, ‘What Do I Write?’

I’ll be honest, my only ‘picture criteria’ is that they’re cool. CREDIT: Thomas Hetzler

I’m sitting in my swivel chair at my desk. I’ll miss this desk. In six days I fly to Costa Rica.

The previous question — a question I’ve erased from your view — was, ‘Fuck’s sake — what do I want to publish mate?’ I’d already written 1,000 words — but none of it was for other people’s eyes. So I asked that question. And thought.

Then I gave up thinking on the question to check my Facebook and email because fuck: Answering difficult questions is like, difficult.

And something I’ve heard from James Altucher is, when he’s having trouble thinking of something to write, he reads for a bit. Then something connects and he writes. The piece in question I began reading was Strict Limits by a brilliant author named Sebastian Marshall.

He’s talking about something or other — to be honest, I didn’t read too much of the article. But something clicked. I thought to myself, sometimes I don’t understand what Sebastian writes. Sometimes I understand perfectly, and it’s brilliant. Sometimes his articles ramble. Sometimes he writes organized essays that you know serious thought has been put into.

But in all cases I’m reading something Sebastian wrote and published.

It’s an article idea that’s been done-to-death: Just put something out there. Equal-odds rule. Ship, ship, ship. But you know what’s worse than putting out work others have probably heard before?

Not putting out work.

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