Here’s How You ‘Snowball’ Your Work Into Better Things

Egads! A stray goat hath appeared.

The Importance of Sharing Your Work

Look — I recognize some posts won’t be absolute bangers. Really, it’s not about the individual posts. Your individual work doesn’t really matter. What matters are the results of sharing continuously. What matters are the upstream events.

Let’s say, every two days for a month, you write a blog post. Of the resultant 15 posts, let’s say one strikes a nerve among your immediate circle of friends, forums, and Facebook groups. That one post spikes to +1,000 views.

Alright. Super cool. But, we don’t stop there. Because what did I just say? That individual post DOESN’T MATTER. What matters are the upstream events from that post. Because of that post let’s say you write a new blog post. This new post has the best tips, hacks, and tricks to bump blog traffic in 1 month (or less). You include screenshots of the 1,000 view spike in traffic. You share that.

Turns out people love it so much you receive 10,000 views. Holy smokes! Now we’re cookin’.

By merit of that site traffic you reach out to a few low-profile marketing blogs and get featured on their podcasts. Suddenly your traffic peaks 15,000 views.

See where I’m headed with this?

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You’ve done noteable, cool work before. Reference it, note it, and share it. Help others replicate your results. If you haven’t gotten any cool results, then you just need to START. Something will happen along the way. You’ll eventually trip over 500 views. Then, let the snowball begin.

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