Man, you are NOT going to want to hear this…

This post will be short. I’ll explain why at the end.

How often do we say we need something (more money, better health, improved relationships) above all else? How often do we complain about our lack of money / shit body / crappy relationships? Most of us can kind of tell what areas of our life need the most improvement.

Yet, we make a fatal flaw in our pursuance of these goals. We don’t do what’s necessary. We do what we want to do, not what’s most effective to do. Let me explain.

When I quit my job a week ago I told myself I would do what was necessary to make ends meet. I was resolute: Come hell or high water, by the end of the month, I was going to be making magical internet money.

Yet, what have I done for the past week?

I’ve written some blog posts. I’ve posted on Facebook boards for copywriting. I’ve kept my fitness up by working out and playing soccer. And it’s all kind of felt like I’m moving in the right direction. But the thing I most need to do I’ve avoided: You know, the whole “actually making money” part. I’ve fallen into the common mistake: I’ve been doing what I want to do. I haven’t been doing what I need to do.

“The first practice [of effectiveness] is to ask what needs to be done. Note that the question is not, ‘What do I want to do?’” — Peter Drucker

I know how to make money online / entrepreneurially. I’ve done it.


  • Fixed up and sold possessions for a profit
  • Written reviews for a company through Upwork
  • Been paid to write through Patreon
  • Sold eBooks

I’ve made marginal profit off all these things to be sure. But even that marginal profit proves these avenues are solid. They have potential for growth. The only thing holding me back — and not even consciously; we hold ourselves back mostly by an unconscious shying away from what’s necessary — from making that “magical internet money” is because it’s not fun.

It’s not what anyone’s idea of making magical internet money should be. At least to start. I think most people’s idea of internet money is like, sending one tweet from a beach in Bali and making 2k; magically.

Maybe you end up there eventually, but that’s DEFINITELY not how anyone starts.

In reality, making magic internet money is more like writing fake reviews for companies so they look better than they are. It’s writing fluff blog posts about who-gives-a-fuck. It’s spending three months to write an eBook and selling a few copies.

None of these things are fun. Like you wouldn’t write a fake company review just because it seems like a good way to spend your Saturday afternoon. Writing as a living, definitely, has it’s perks.

But it’s still work. And in the beginning, at least financially, you’d probably be better off flipping burgers. You’d make more. One crucial thing laptop work does give you is mobility, flexibility, and a growth potential only capped by what you’re willing to put in.

And, if you’re going to be working at some mundane crap, you might as well do it in Costa Rica on a laptop than at some cafe in your hometown — right?

Now, the reason I’m about to end this post so abruptly — I need to go do things I need to do rather than things I want to do. Sigh. Translated: That means I need to go submit 15 proposals on Upwork for crappy writing gigs. All in the name of freedom, hey?

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